Organic Long Pepper

Hot and Spicy Long Pepper for Cuisine and Medicinal Purposes
Our organic long pepper is similar to black, green, and white pepper. It is a flowering vine in the family of Piperaceae. It is harvested when it is mature, more or less after six months of planting, by hygienically handpicking. Then, it is dried in the sun for 4 to 5 days with either solar dry or oven dry. Our organic long pepper has an unusual sweet and fragrant aroma that seems like exotic incense. The taste of the pepper is hotter and more spicy. This is beneficial as ingredients in various dish and cuisine such as for sauces, soups, curries, and ground up and tossed with fresh fruit. Beside that, it is used for medicinal purposes. To keep it dry, you have to store it in a moisture proof container.

The Specialties

  • A fragrant plant which climbs on other plant or spread on the ground Used as ingredients in various dish and cuisine Organic certified

The Use

  • Medicine elements, vegetable picking complements, and cuisine ingredients


  • Available in bulk packaging

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