Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

The Healthiest Oil On Earth with Multiple Beneficials
Our organic raw virgin coconut oil is the most edible commercial products derived from fresh coconut meat, is cold produced by three times centrifuges and below 40 celcius degree. The taste is a bit oily with flavor of coconut, but not sour. The product looks very clear, colorless, and is light coconut-flavored. As a major sources of dietary fats, it is the healthiest oil on earth. Different from most fats, our organic raw VCO doesn’t show gradual softening in an increasing temperature. It becomes liquid at about 27 celcius degree and solidifies at about 22 celcius degree. Our organic VCO is rich of advantages, ranging from edible substance such as frying and cooking oil, butterfat substitutes, margarine and baking fat, to the raw materials fro beauty products such as body moisturiser, carrier oil for aromatherapy, hair conditioner, and bath soaps. You needs keep the product at the dry place and protect from air directly as it will create oxidation.

The Specialties

  • Containing protein, carbohydrates, microminerals, and natural vitamin E Consisting mainly of medium chain triglycerides

The Use

  • Giving flavor to your end products Multiple wellness benefits


  • Available in bulk packaging Available in private label

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